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Nov 2, 2012 5:30am PDT
much technology. we are in the process of occupying up. >> >> mr. walton has been acting as the cio for one year now? two years now which has been a problem and i would have find if we made the acting cio, the cio and that's the mayor's opinion and i think the answer to this is requires further anal scpises require whether the two positions are needed after the new cio is hired and similarly for recommendation number ten which is to amend the administrative code to create separate position of the director of dt pointed to -- appointed by and to the city's cio and same analysis after the new cio is hired. that is in the first phase and now let's go to the second and my apologies for speaking quickly. although address although these bodies address technology on a city wide basis technology is not treated as a distinct organizational entity and i agree. i think it should be treated as a city wide and departmental function and hr function, or the controller's function. some functions need to be centralized and others will always within within their departments. and by the way i ju
Nov 9, 2012 5:30pm EST
kentucky...// would... have on thh election - / if... áonlyá.../ the mrs... voted for him. robert mcdonald inished in a pead heat tuusday with his challlnger-- fr a seat oo the walton city council. each candidate captured 669 vvtee -- mcdonald's wifee katie works nights at a local hospital... and didn't make itt to the polls because she wws l. sleeping. it wassmy job to wake her up. i didn't thiik it wws going to come down to that one vote so i chose to let her sleep and get her rest nddii came doww to thht one vote. because of the tie, the &pfinal seat on the council will be determineddby the flip of a mcdonalds... at the center of controvery.../ . over the ameriian flag..../ right after ...tuesday's eeection.... the flag was flying at hhlf staff ... áandá... upside down.../ a... symbol of... disttess..../ the... restauarant was bombarded ...with angry phone calls..../ but... the owner says... it was just a blown out ..of... proportion. pulley system is broken..../ p whhch ii why ...the flag ..
Nov 9, 2012 10:00pm EST
.../ would... have won the election - / if... áonlyá.../ the mrs....voted for him. robert mcdonalddfinished in a dead hhat tuesday with his challenger-- for a seat on the walton ity council. each candidate captured 666 votts -- mcdonald's wife katie works nighhs at a local hospital... and dddn't make it po the polls bbcause she was sl. sleeping. it was my job to wake her up. come down tt that one ote so i chose to let her sleee and get her rest and it came down to ttat one vote. vooe. because oo the tie, the final seet on the counciilwill be dettrmined y tte flip of aacoin. 33 3 3 3&wwht... 3 what... better way say thanks... to our piewers....than with some free . cash. 45 thanksgiveaway?we're paying for your thanksgiiing dinner. to enter... go to our facebook page... like us... and click on contests. pontestt.then... ... &p we'll give away a 1100 ddllar gift card on fox 45 pffthe show... starting at 5 aam. 3 "so he comes and yoo caa see him, puts his un literally right here.. here." a a firefighter held at guupoi
Nov 17, 2012 10:00am EST
which hours. >> host: next call from maurice in walton, ky. >> caller: hello. >> host: please go ahead. >> caller: i would like to ask mr. rothkopf to cite some examples of large corporations that government has a withdrawn regulations, governing those industries. when the obama administration is adding hundreds of regulations every month particularly with health care industry, the environmental situation, i don't see any coming off of anybody whether it is health care interests or industry in general. >> guest: there are a lot of regulations. lot of bad regulations and i am not suggesting all forms of regulation are good but i do think it is very clear that for example some industries like big oil and gas companies have had benefits in terms of tax breaks, there has been an effort to push back up climate's regulation, whether it is a carbon tax or a movement toward global agreements on climate, there have been efforts to pursue certain kinds of regulatory approaches more beneficial and others such as promoting free trade agreements without intensively promoting the enforcement of trad
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)